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Person in yellow coat safely shovelling snow


​Snow Removal

Clearing snow and ice from your property is important to everyone’s safety. Shovelling snow correctly and safety helps prevent injuries. 

  • Take it slow! Shovelling snow requires lots of effort and can raise your heart rate and blood pressure to a danger point very quickly
  • Do not work until you are exhausted. If you run out of breath, take a break. Take frequent breaks even if you are not breathless
  • If you feel chest or back pain, STOP shovelling right away
  • Shovel frequently and shovel new-fallen snow whenever possible. Fresh snow is lighter than wet or packed snow

Warm up prior to shovelling snow. Like any exercise, stretch before shovelling to prevent muscle strain. Back and side bends help warm the muscles. If possible, push the snow to avoid twisting or turning movements that could injure your back. Begin with a light load to warm up your muscles.

  • Scoop in a forward motion
  • Move your close feet together and lift with your legs (bend at the knees and keep your back straight)
  • Toss without twisting to avoid back strain
  • Never overload your shovel – fill it half full
  • Space your hands on the shovel handle to increase your leverage and power

Dress warmly but wear layers to avoid overheating. Adding and removing layers lets your body to adjust to a temperature that is comfortable for you.

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