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​Brant/Brantford Opioid Information System

The Brant County Health Unit (BCHU) is collaborating with the Brant Community Healthcare System, Brant-Brantford Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Brantford Police Service, Ontario Provincial Police, and St. Leonard’s to provide timely opioid-related information to the public, community partners, and individuals who use substances.

Date: April 1, 2019

Issue: Increase in Suspected Opioid Overdoses

Since January 2019 there has been a higher volume of suspected opioid overdoses in Brantford and Brant County. This past weekend we reached a critical level for overdoses and deaths from suspected opioids. The number of overdoses are more than double of those during the same period for 2018, and are comparable to 2017. 

Illicit drugs like fentanyl and carfentanil are known to be circulating in the community.  Know your drug, don’t use alone, and call 911 if you suspect someone is overdosing.

For more information about opioids, including what to do if someone has an overdose and where to access harm reduction services, please visit the Opioids page on our website.

Opioid Information Highlights

Opioid overdoses

In 2019 (January - May):

  • EMS responded to 76 incidents related to opioid overdose.
  • 43% more incidents compared to same period in 2018 (53 incidents).

In 2018:

  • EMS has responded to 139 incidents related to opioid overdose.
  • Most incidents involved males (71%) and those aged 20-39 (64%).
  • 35% fewer incidents compared to 2017 (213 incidents).



In 2019 (January - May)

995 naloxone kits distributed across  community:

  • 297 - by BCHU
  • 259- by local pharmacies*
  • 439 - by community agencies

In 2018:

  • 3,549 naloxone kits distributed across community:
    • 69 - by BCHU
    • 2,977- by local pharmacies
    • 503 - by community agencies
* 2019 data not yet available for Pharmacies beyond January
Emergency Department (ED) visits

In 2019 (January - May):

  • There were 77 ED visits for opioid overdose.
  • 2.2 times more visits compared to same period in 2018 (35 ED visits).

In 2018:

  • 118 ED visits for opioid overdose.
  • Many visits were due to accidental overdose (84%).
  • 42% fewer visits compared to 2017 (204 ED visits).



In 2019 (January to May):

  •  21 deaths (suspected**)

In 2018:  

  • 18 Brant residents died from opioid overdose 

In 2017:

  •  25 Brant residents died from opioid overdose.

**pending confirmation by the Office of the Chief Coroner of Ontario

* last updated on June 19, 2019