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Client receiving safe tattoo

Tattoo Safety

We inspect tattoo studios in Brant County and promote safe tattooing to help you stay healthy.

Inspection Reports

The Brant County Health Unit's Inspection Reports provides you with quick and easy access to the results of tattoo studio inspections.

Tattoo Safety Checklist

Getting a tattoo? Be safe.

Ask the artist:

  • Do you use only new sterilized needles?

  • Do you use new disposable ink caps and razors for each client?

  • Do you clean and disinfect all equipment and surfaces?

  • Do you wash your hands and wear single-use disposable gloves?

  • Do you cover new tattoos with a protective bandage?

  • Do you give written after-care instructions?

See a doctor if your tattoo becomes hot, red, and painful.

Environmental Health​ 
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