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Face Coverings

COVID-19 remains present in Brant and will continue to pose a risk in our community. "Learning to live with COVID" doesn't mean the pandemic is over. We must continue to be aware of the virus' presence in our day-to-day lives. As Brant enters a new phase of the pandemic, the responsibility for staying safe is shifting to each of us and our personal actions.

It is important to remember that individual circumstances are unique, and everyone's situation will be different. It is important that we all be mindful that there are members of this community who remain at higher risk for serious outcomes.

Recommendations from the Brant County Health Unit

As our community adapts to easing public health measures, please continue to:

  • Wear a mask, and remain respectful of others, whether or not they choose to wear a mask.
  • Make sure your COVID-19 vaccination status is up to date.
  • Stay home if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or feel sick.

Settings where mask wearing is mandated by the Province

Starting March 21, 2022 the Province will require masking for individuals in the following settings:

  • Public transit
  • Health care
    • Including BCHU vaccine clinics
    • When accessing in-person services at the Brant County Health Unit 
  • Long-term care and retirement homes
  • Congregate care settings, such as shelters, jails, homes for individuals with developmental disabilities and other congregate care and living settings

Situations where individuals must wear a mask

The following individuals must continue to wear a well-fitted mask in all public settings:

  • Individuals required to follow Ministry of Health guidance related to COVID-19 infection or exposure. Visit our Information for Positive or High-Risk Contacts) webpage to find out if masking applies to you.
  • Individuals required to follow federal travel requirements after returning from international travel. Individuals must wear a mask at all times when in public spaces, including schools and childcare.

Businesses and organizations that may require you to wear a mask

Starting March 21, most masking mandates end in businesses and organizations. Please note, these establishments can choose to continue masking policies as part of their ongoing operations. You will need to follow their masking policy.

Individuals strongly encouraged to continue wearing a mask. BCHU encourages you to continue to wear masks past March 21. Health Canada recommends it's even more important for you to wear a mask if you're at higher risk of exposure or severe outcomes.

For further information, please visit the Ontario Government’s website.