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Harm Reduction Supplies​ Sites

A harm reduction supplies site is a place where people can pick up new needles and syringes as well as other equipment for safer injection drug use. Harm reduction supplies sites give out kits so drug use equipment is not shared, to help to reduce infections, like HIV or Hepatitis C.

A harm reduction supplies site also offers safe disposal, as well as education and individual counselling. Call each location for their hours of service.

There is no cost.

There are two locations for harm reduction supplies sites, all of which have a 24-hour needle drop box for used needles.

  • St. Leonard's Community Services
    133 Elgin Street
    (519) 756-6222

  • St. Leonard's Community Services
    225 Fairview Drive
    (519) 756-7665

Other needle drop box locations that are available during business hours include:

  • Towards Recovery
    95 Darling Street
    (519) 720-0712

  • The Brantford Clinic
    205 Colborne Street
    (519) 758-5800

  • Colborne Street Clinic
    349 Colborne Street
    (519) 754-2893

​Harm Reduction Enhancement Program
ext. 460