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Alcohol is a psychoactive substance legal in Canada. It is a depressant drug that can slow down parts of the brain that affect breathing, thinking, behaviour, and heart rate.

Alcohol comes in various forms, although has the same effect. Types of alcohol include beer, wine, spirits, and cider. A "standard drink" defines the measurement of pure alcohol consumed; it is not the amount of liquid in your glass.

What is a standard drink?

In Canada, a standard drink is 17.05 milliliters or 13.45 grams of pure alcohol, which is the equivalent of:

  • A bottle of beer (12 oz., 341 ml, 5% alcohol)

  • A bottle of cider (12 oz., 341 ml, 5% alcohol)

  • A glass of wine (5 oz., 142 ml, 12% alcohol)

  • A shot glass of spirits (1.5 oz., 43 ml, 40% alcohol)

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