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outside of the Brant County Health Unit


​Brant County Board of Health

Wednesday, March 28, 2018, 11:00 a.m., Boardroom
Special Meeting Minutes


  • Mr. Greg Anderson, Chair
  • Ms. Helen Mulligan, Vice-Chair
  • Councillor Willem Bouma
  • Councillor Robert Chambers
  • Ms. Janice Mills
  • Councillor John Sless
  • Ms. Ruby Toor
  • Dr. M. Lock
  • Dr. J. Tober
  • Ms. L. Johnson (recorder)


  • Councillor Larry Kings
  • Councillor David Neumann

1. Call to Order

Chair Anderson called the meeting to order at 10:59 am. This special meeting was called for a single in-camera item.

2. Conflict of Interest

Board members were reminded to declare a conflict of interest, if one so arises, at the time the item is discussed.

3. In-Camera Meeting

Moved by: Councillor Bouma
Seconded by: Ms. Mulligan
“That the meeting move to In-Camera at 11:00 am regarding personnel matters.” Carried.

The regular Board of Health meeting resumed at 11:09 am.

As a result of the in-camera session the following motion was made:

Moved by: Councillor Bouma
Seconded by: Councillor Sless
“That the Brant County Board of Health approve the transfer of appointment of the Chief Nursing Officer position to the Director of Program Standards, effective immediately.” Carried.

4. Additions to Agenda

6.0 Approval for Needle Exchange Program Purchase (Dr. Tober)

5. Approval of Minutes


6. Financial Report

On behalf of the Director of Corporate Services, Dr. Tober sought Board approval for the purchase of needles for the Needle Exchange Program. Funding source is Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care one-time funding for the Needle Exchange Program. The amount will total just over $34,000, which exceeds the authorization level of the Executive Director.

Moved by: Councillor Bouma
Seconded by: Ms. Mills
“That the Board of Health approve the purchase of Needle Exchange Program supplies in the amount of approximately $34,000.” Carried.

7. Business Arising from Previous Minutes


8. New Business


9. Correspondence


10. Questions/Announcements

11. Future Agenda Items

12. Next Meeting Date

Wednesday, April 18, 2018, 9:30 am.
Board of Health Finance & Audit Committee Meeting on April 18, 2018, at 8:30 am.

14. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 11:12 am.