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Travel Clinic

Make an appointment with our clinic four to six weeks before your leaving on a trip.

We provide:​

  • Health counseling and review of your medical history (required for travel vaccine services)
  • Immunizations

Please note: There is currently a worldwide shortage of yellow fever vaccine. The Health Unit is therefore unable to provide the vaccination to travelers who plan to visit any country where the disease is present (many areas of South America and Africa). Travelers should: consult their travel agent to determine if vaccination for yellow fever is a requirement of the country they plan to visit and, if so, contact a designated Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre to ensure the vaccine is available. The Health Unit will resume yellow fever immunization services as soon as the supply of the vaccine is back to normal. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Travel health advice is not available over the phone.


  • Adult: $45
  • Child (age 16 or under): $20


Vaccine Cost Per Vaccine Cost Per Series Completion
Hepatitis A$60$120
Hepatitis A Jr. (age 18 or under)$30$60
Twinrix™ (Hep A and B)$55$165
Hepatitis B$30$90
Yellow Fever$155$155
ViVaxim™ (Typhoid and Hep A)$95$155

Travel Health

​Travel Clinic
519-753-4937 ext. 453