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Flu Shot

Everyone is vulnerable to influenza (the flu). Get your flu shot and get it early. The flu shot is free and is your best defence against the flu.

The BCHU is holding a community clinic by appointment at Woodman Community Centre on December 9. The flu shot is also available through your family doctor's office and local participating pharmacies. 

The high-dose flu shot recommended for seniors, and is available through the BCHU flu shot clinic. 

Please note that if you have any of the following conditions, you will be unable to receive the flu shot with the Brant County Health Unit:

  •        Current serious acute illness (delay vaccination until symptoms resolve)
  •        Pregnant or breastfeeding individuals
  •        History of allergic reaction or hypersensitivity to a previous dose of inactivated influenza vaccine or to any vaccine component
  •        History of Guillian- Barr√® Syndrome (GBS) within 6 weeks of receipt of prior dose of influenza vaccine
  •        History of Oculorespiratory Syndrome (ORS) within 24 hours of receipt of prior dose of influenza vaccine
  •        Diagnosis as immunocompromised
  •        Diagnosis of a bleeding disorder

*These conditions may not exclude you from receiving the flu shot with your health care provider - we encourage you to follow up with them to discuss the risks and benefits of influenza vaccination and to receive the vaccine if appropriate.*

 Flu Shot Schedules

Flu Shot Information
519-753-4937 ext. 451