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Flu Shots

Influenza is an infection caused by a virus . The symptoms include cough, fever, sore throat, headache, muscle aches and fatigue (extreme tiredness). Influenza can cause people to become very sick and can even lead to death in some people, especially the elderly. Click here for more information on influenza.
Why should healthy people get the flu shot?
Healthy people should get vaccinated to protect themselves and their families from influenza, to avoid missing quality time with their families (including holidays), to avoid losing time from work or school, and to avoid spreading the virus to others.
Influenza is much worse than a cold. Even healthy young people can become quite ill. You might bring the influenza virus home to a baby, older relative or someone with a medical condition who can get serious complications from influenza.
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  Remember, you need a flu shot every year as the virus changes.
How well does the flu shot work? Are there any risks?
Click here for more information on the flu shot.
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