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Food Safety

Public Health Inspectors at the Brant County Health Unit help to prevent and reduce foodborne illness in the community.

In Ontario, food safety is one of the mandatory programs under the Ontario Public Health Standards, which Health Units deliver to the public.

Public Health Inspectors at the Brant County Health Unit help to prevent and reduce foodborne illness in the community through:

• Inspection of food premises by Public Health Inspectors
• Investigation of suspected and confirmed food-borne illnesses
• Training and certification for food handlers in food premises
• Promoting public awareness of food-borne illnesses and safe food handling practices
• Ontario Food Premise Regulation 562 and the local Food Disclosure Bylaw enforcement
• Responses to reports of:
• Suspected and confirmed food-borne illnesses;
• Unsafe food-handling practices, food recalls, adulterations, and consumer complaints
• Food-related issues arising from floods, fires, power outages, or other situations that may affect public food safety

During inspections, our Public Health Inspectors look for:
• Unsafe food handling practices
• Non-compliance issues with provincial and municipal legislation
• Evidence of foodborne illnesses and foodborne outbreaks
• Consumer complaints
• Food recalls, fires, floods and emergencies

Planning a Special Event
Our Special Event Guidelines 2014 will apply to your food event if…
• Food will be manufactured, prepared, stored displayed or handled in any way,
• Event open to the public
• Event hosted by an individual or group of individuals, a business, or an organization.

• Event hosted by a religious organization, service club or fraternal organization, but is only held for 14 days per year

If an event occurs on more than 14 days per year, it is considered a "regular" event, and is required to be in full compliance with the Food Premises Regulation of the Health Protection and Promotion Act. This legislation is enforced through routine inspections by a Public Health Inspector.

Please review our Special Event Guidelines 2014 and contact a Public Health Inspector should you have any questions.

Planning to Open or Renovate a Restaurant
Please contact a Public Health Inspector at the Brant County Health Unit should you wish to open a food premise establishment. In addition please notify the following organizations when applicable to discuss licensing, zoning, and planning:

    City of Brantford - 519-759-4150
    County of Brant - 519-449-2451 or 519-442-6324

You must comply with the Ontario Food Premises Regulation. A letter of intent and a floor plan must be submitted to Brant County Health Unit.  Consultations and inspections by a Public Health Inspector would be required prior to opening your food premise.

Food Recalls
A food recall may involve numerous agencies such as Health Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), as well as local Public Health Units. The majority of food recalls are coordinated by the CFIA.

A food recall is an action taken by a company to remove unsafe food products from public access.

Food recalls may be initiated due to:
• Foodborne illness outbreaks
• Consumer and/or industry complaints
• CFIA inspections involving testing and sampling programs
• Company-initiated concerns
• Information from other government departments

The Brant County Health Unit investigates situations where people fall ill from unsafe food.

• A suspected food poisoning investigation will be conducted to determine the source of the suspected outbreak
• This involves interviews with ill individuals and possible laboratory testing of clinical and food specimens.

If food source is identified, Public Health Inspector will conduct a food safety investigation and take action to ensure unsafe food products are removed from the market and unsafe food handling practices are stopped.


Last Updated ( Thursday, 09 October 2014 )